Russet River Vizslas

Welcome to Russet River Vizslas

Russet River Vizslas is owned by Tim and Lori May and is located in southeastern Wisconsin.
We are currently members of the Vizsla Club of Central Wisconsin, Vizsla Club of Illinois and Vizsla Club of America.
We avidly test and trial our dogs in AKC and NSTRA events and are dedicated to breeding a limited number of high quality vizslas with proven lineages and excellent temperaments.
The vizslas' drive and desire to please, make these dogs an outstanding hunting companion and a wonderful family pet. Tim’s first encounter with the vizsla was through a friend who owned one. After a day in the field he was sold, this was the dog for him. Lori was not hard to convince and our journey began in February 2007 when we brought Cheyenne home. Magnum followed in August 2008. They share our home and are an integral part of our family.

Cabin May

From our house to yours, from the bird field to the water, whether a hunting campanion, family pet or bit of both, you will not be disapointed if you place your trust with Us.